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3rd Place Overall #LD48!

2012-09-18 05:23:49 by Cdodo

I placed 3rd overall in the Ludum Dare 48 hour game jam with my game Panspermia! Check out the game HERE! and go check out the awesome games that beat me! HERE!

Ludum Dare?

2012-08-20 14:58:04 by Cdodo

I tried one of these before, I got distracted and didn't know what to make until the last 11 hours. I could have done 1000% better, and i was expecting to at least 'finish'.

So lets try this again! This one starts on August the 24th and goes for 48 hours. Voting is currently happening for the theme.

Lets hope it goes well!


2012-02-05 16:09:26 by Cdodo

Tanktanktank? gogogo! This is just a lil some thing I made over the past 24 hours.

I decided on Friday that i was gonna make a game over 12 hours, it very quickly became a hilarious game, but it still needed that polish to make it awesome, so i extended the unofficial jam time to 24 hours to add leaderboards, and various other features to just make it 50% better.

Pretty excited with how it turned out. And It was fun. This really makes me appreciate all those hardcore indie devs who participate in the Ludum Dare, a 48 hours game jam.


Sketch Quest!

2011-09-23 17:57:28 by Cdodo


Sketch Quest is one of the projects I worked on during my time at Vancouver Film School. Go play it now, give it 5/5 and cool stuff.

Sketch Quest!

Its been awhile.

2011-09-07 03:42:22 by Cdodo

I'm not dead.

That is all.

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Dragon's Quest Part 2 (!)

2010-06-03 22:52:42 by Cdodo

I'm just gonna leave this here... :3

So far, a bunch of new stuff has been added: most importantly, part 2 will be the final chapter (you actually get to kill/fight the dragon)

Just to confirm, work on the game is going as planned, as for a release date... I'd rather not say anything until i get a little closer to completion.

If you haven't played the first game, get on that

for more game updates become a fan (or like this) on facebook!

Include comments/suggestions below. Or on the discussion boards in the facebook page.

Dragon's Quest Part 2 (!)

Dragon's Quest Part 2 (?)

2010-04-15 15:25:36 by Cdodo

Hey so with Dragon's Quest Part 1 released and being awesome... work has already begun on bringing part 2 to the internet, its not finished yet but 'work has begun'.

and if u haven't already played Dragon's Quest, get on that.

Now, if you have anything that you would like to see in part 2 leave your comment below.

And if everyone kindly suggests the game be in the "adventure collection" that would be great.

Dragon's Quest Part 2 (?)

Guess What?!

2010-03-31 04:56:58 by Cdodo

Im not just saying "Ima finished!!" this time. Im actually actually done!! me

New Facebook page address!


game will be released on Muchgames before it goes public on Newgrounds. I will post a link a little bit later on. me

Im just gonna leave this here....

2010-03-11 02:07:33 by Cdodo

Im just gonna leave this here....

Im just gonna leave this here....

I like procrastination!

2010-03-06 02:05:06 by Cdodo

Well so I've been putting off my flash game creation for a while.

Dragon's Quest is REAAAALLLY far-behind schedule, i am currently re-doing the entire user interface to make it easier to use and streamlined like 20000x times (and it looks a lil better too).

Expect to see it around april...201337? (*lie? :3)

Thanks to the liek 2 people who care, and leave comments and junk below. Your like the gnats that force me to do things... or less like gnats and something more positive...